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Our fragrances are a perfect mix of botanicals and perfumes. They have been carefully selected and expertly blended with complimentary notes creating enticing beautiful fragrances. 

There are no chemicals, phalates, paragons or preservatives in any of our scents.


Memories, Stories and Emotions. 

Viatorem - Citrus and Basil

Story - The Traveller! Take yourself back to the days of travelling, mediterranean sea beezes filled with green and citrus scents, relaxation and sunshine. 

Top notes of  lime, bergamot, a heart of  mandarin, white florals, basil, caraway seeds

and base of  patchouli, vetiver.


Amans - Fig and Vetiver 

Story - The Lovers! Figs are the fruit of passion, this lovers inspired scent is sophiticated and rich. It has earthy and green notes, offset with a zesty undertone. 

Top notes of anise, green leaf, citrus, a heart of  cedar, violet

and base of oakmoss, tonker, and amber.

Inspired by the properties of semi precious stones, each scent has been selected to use with crystals, or to simply create your chosen ambiance.



Amethyst - Lavender 

Story - 

Inspired by Amethyst the calming crystal, Lavender is traditionally used to aid sleep and relaxation.


A perfect meditation tool to use with Amethyst or to relax and wind down with. 

Tiger's Eye - Amber and Bergamont 
Story - Amber is the known as the "Eye of the Tiger" and represents strength, as does Tigers Eye. This is an earthy and woody scent, offset with a floral balance. 

Top notes of  bergamot, orange, a heart of amber, and base of coconut, vanilla, almond


Rose Quartz - Sweet Rose and Musk 

Story - Rose Quartz is a crystal associated with love and self love, Roses are the ultimate symbol throughout history for being a token of love, there could be no better scent to  use with your Rose Quartz Crystals. 

Top notes of blossom, violet leaf, a heart of rose, lily, amber, and a base of cedarwood, and musk.



Citrine  - Tonka  and Valilla 

Story - Citrine is known as the merchant stone symbolising wealth, and the Tonka bean has been used in some cultures to wish for wealth. This sweet combination is a manifestation power couple. 


Black Tourmaline - Frankincense and Myrrh

Story -  Frankincense and Myrrh are traditionally used to cleanse spaces, and Black Turmaline is a powerful negative energy cleanser. 


Amethyst  - Lavender and Camellia 

Story - Lavender is a great scent for helping you relax or wind down before bedtime for a better nights sleep and many people use Amethyst for the same thing! Team the two up for ultimate relaxation. 


Smokey Quartz - Tobacco and Woody Musk 

Story - Tobacco has had many spiritual uses and is a grounding element like the beautify Smoky Quartz. This sweet scent is grounding and earthy.  

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